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Thursday, July 27, 2006

The jewel from my NF 06 Autograph Take

Signed by the Drummer, this album is VERY rare. Out of Print for a long time.
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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Who Says the Bush Doctrine is Dead?

We have just transferred it to our allies.

As Dr. Rice resists the International call for a cease fire in the Middle East the Isreali's do our dirty work by allegedly dismembering hezbollah.

In the mean time what is the ratio of innocents killed in Isreal by hezbollah's pathetic missles compared to the carpet bombing of Lebanon by our "allies".

According to AP:

"Civilians have taken the brunt of the 12-day war that has cost 368 lives in Lebanon and killed 37 Israelis."

And why are innocents dying at all? To further whose agenda?

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Friday, July 21, 2006

Art Pictures

I've gone through and picked out my favorite Artsy picutres (of those I can find) and created a link on the Mike Montfort Picture Site.

This is also a kind of preview of the movies, assuming this thing actually works on your computer. I'm still not sure how the technology works.

Anyway enjoy the pics.
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Thursday, July 20, 2006

So many great resources on the web

Photo Bucket is a great service like Flkr and others that offers places to share your photo's. One of the features of PhotoBucket is to create little animated web montages of pictures in their site you upload.

So if you notice there is a new feature in the "menu" to the right. Memory Lane.

Have a good laugh if you must. To see the big version of the picture shown just click on it and it will take you to the PhotoBucket parking place for that particular picture.
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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Seems the day for Web catchup

I just got my FlickR site up to date as well. The link is over to the right on the menu list. Or you can click here

Mike's FlickR Site
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The Chincoteague Blog is UP

An illustrated and annotated journal from our vacation in the first week of July to Chincoteague VA is up at a specialized site strictly for the trip

Chincoteague 2006

This will open a new window. Also the link will be on the menu to the right on this blog for some time. Full pictures from the trip are here

Chincoteague Pictures
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Marvel Ultimates Hard Back Vol 1

This amazing graphic novel collecting the Ultimates Issues 1 - 13 arrived in my mailbox from my dear friend cjwrites just before we headed down to Chincoteague. I stashed it away for the trip, and read about half on the way home on Saturday.

Well I finished it on Monday, and it was quite exceptional. The artwork is just superb and the writing very credible. This is a sort of Reboot of the Marvel Avengers, though how it relates to the ongoing Civil War series (i.e. before, after or during) I am not sure. The superhero's are dysfunctional, flawed human's which gives a better view in my mind to the whole idea.

Nick Fury, Capt America, Thor, the Hulk, Hank Pym (Giant Man) and his wife (Wasp), also brought into series one were two of Magneto's kids, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, as well as Hawkeye and Black Widow. Quite a collection of characters. As the second series progresses I understand others will join S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Ultimates.

This is why I've always preferred Marvel to DC, growing up it seemed that the DC hero's were too shiny squeaky clean. Spiderman has been my fave since I can remember, but Capt America used to sit on my ceiling in my house in San Jose growing up.

Anyway I can't wait to read the Ultimates 2, and series 3 & 4 are apparently commissioned.
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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Home Safe

Had a great time in Chincoteague VA. I did take some notes as it were when I was there so I will post the highlights tomorrow or Monday. Also I will be posting a more comprehensive journal of the week for those who care on a separate Blog which I will link to this one.
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