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Radio Shack Starting Radio Shack today. Again. So the night job is set. Now for the day job. Until then I may be able to work out with the Manager FT hours. It will be 2nd shift so to speak, i.e. I'll be closing, but it will help. This year due to changes in the compensation plan coming in January and mandates for more staff I will probably be able to stay on in the same store next year.
One of the things I like about Alex the person He is not afraid to try things even if risky. Three good examples. Last night even though he knew no one from going, he showered and got dressed for the Dance over at LaSalle. Now admittedly when we got there it was obvious he was under dressed and might have been the youngest person there if he had stayed. But he tried. Few weeks ago he came home and announced he was running for Student Senate. (Student Council). He made signs, and wrote a speech (which we helped on). Eventually he lost, but he tried. Round that same time, he came home and announced he was running cross country. He has been practicing after school so I figured he would be in good shape for the next meet. For whatever reason he was gassed from the warm ups and finished dead last by at least 10 min. He didn't give up. In fact he said he impressed the older guys by not quitting. None of these things were pushed on him. Even though he finished so far behi
Ok lets do the Math Sept 23 2005 MINUS Sept 23 1961 makes.... Oh dear... Now I know why people start counting backwards at 40. "4 4 4 4 lets sing a song of 4.. how many is 4??" 4 and 4 doesn't make 8 it makes me 44 egads Send money.
The Right makes me ill As the Righeous Right at the top accuse the Left of bending the events surrounding Hurricane Katrina to "political purposes" the Right wing Bloggers and Spurious E-Mail creators are haveing a field day with bogus claims and unsubstanciated rumour. I just spent about 15 min here at the Snopes Site regarding Hurricane Katrina and I urge you to take the time as well. Amidst the funny pictures and amusing anectdotes seems to run a sick undercurrent of racist slurring (often citing Fox News as a source). Admittedly not all the racial slurring is from the right, as evidenced in the "looting" vs "finding" pics that I'm sure you all have seen. However I think you will find as I did an appalling attitude in many of these so called "personal accounts". In another small way it just reinforces my beliefs that the rank and file Right Winger is just another angry white person who hates any one that doesn't look like him/h
Job Opportunities Radio Shack has called me back, though I do need to go back through the motions of being hired, Alex at Colonie Center has assured me a place PT eve's and weekends at his store, same as last year. Staffing Manager interview on Thu for AccounTemps went well I think. It's a two week process for one open spot. I am not on the inside track because I don't have an accounting background, but my sales background was apparently impressive to the interviewing manager. I have some apps in at RPI in their developement departments: Advancement Officer and Administrative Specialist-Annual & Major Gifts . I went to HR on Thu to see if I could shake the tree but no joy. I now have the address' of the two Development offices and I may cold call them on Monday to see if I can shake the tree. Also Thu I registered with Adecco (this site is cheesy) and jumped through their hoops. Scored very high on thier MS Office tests, 95th percential. After they c
Why I want to Substitute an essay submitted to the School Districts with my applications Attached is my application for substitute teacher in your school district. Hopefully I have dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s. Essay questions were always my favorite part of any test. No really. You have asked me basically why I wish to substitute. Specifically you have asked for me to outline some of my goals, aspirations and philosophy of teaching, and any special experience that I will bring to the classroom. But no doubt you have also looked over my application and realized I have not one minute of teaching experience. Not one hour of post BA classroom setting after I graduated from Pitzer. Consequently I cannot provide a list of anyone under whom I have taught, although I have provided a short list of people who can attest to my good character and work ethic from other fields. So why would you then allow me to, even if briefly, affect the minds and attitudes of the next
Green Day - Brilliant Just finished listening to the new Green Day. Maybe I won't be just an observer anymore in the Culture Wars anymore. Have not decided yet. But perhaps its time to get out and fight again. Anyway the whole CD is brilliant. Here are the lyrics to the Title Track. Oh oh naughty words ahead Don't wanna be an American idiot. Don't want a nation under the new media And can you hear the sounds of the hysteria? The subliminal mind fuck America. Welcome to a new kind of tension. All across the alien nation Where everything isn't meant to be okay. Television dreams of tomorrow. We're not the ones who're meant to follow For that's enough to argue. Well maybe I'm the faggot America. I'm not a part of a redneck agenda. Now everybody do the propaganda. And sing along to the age of paranoia Welcome to a new kind of tension. All across the alien nation. Where everything isn't meant to be okay. Television dreams of tomorrow. We