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Friday Night and Saturday Friday Night Dinner Our dinner Friday night was supposed to be a bit of a surprise coming in to PR. Thu night we all got cards inviting us to a special dinner in the Rainforest. So we all bundled up into four busses and headed up to the mountains. The ride was a bit hairy but when we got there were were treated to a lovely little walk through the Rainforest at night and then had a nice cocktail hour. The dinner itself, the food, was pretty disappointing, at least that was the consensus. Personally I thought the meat was ok, but somehow they had destroyed the local grouper that they cooked up for the fish. How they did that is still beyond me. After desert there was much dancing and fun. Everyone got pretty buzzed who wanted to on Bacardi Rum punches including yours truely. Liza doesnt "do" rum but she had a few herself. We got to talk to a lot of people, including Rick's Hillman's wife for quite a bit. You always get to meet th
Thursday and Friday Thursday - Albany to Puerto Rico. We flew from Albany to Charlotte, and then laid over an hour, and flew Charlotte to San Juan. Both legs were easy and the planes were comfortable to the most part. We met up with the other two sales people from L's division, although one of them was sans spouse as her School District would not let her have the time off so close to Spring Break. We arrived San Juan on time and took a one hour bus ride to the Paradisus Resort. This is an all inclusive resort, so the food and drink are part of the package.. so far.. the drinks are weak and the food is strictly Marriott standard... but its still all good as they say. Once we were in our bungalow we got changed and headed down to the meet and greet out by the pool. I got two great pictures of Caribbean Sunsets which you can find on the Photo Bucket site under Puerto Rico. PUERTO RICO PHOTO BUCKET SITE Remember to go from Bottom to Top!! We then had a super nice dinner