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So Winter Finally Comes to the Capital District We survived the Valentines Day Nor'Easter. School was closed on Wed and Thu, and the Mall even thought to close on Wed. L didn't go out in the storm so we all had a nice day at home, barring the 2.5 hrs that I shoveled out the cars. As you can see below that really didn't matter. Enjoy the pics and think of us digging the car out again so L can do a reset today. I took these Thu Feb 15 around 745am. Here is the Dog in the back, Yes she is SMALL but there is LOTS of snow. Here she is again. Yea thats a bit of snow. When we throw her in the snow bank its taller than she is. Looking out the front porch to the street. We DID shovel yesterday, but not yet this am. Looking back the other way from the Street. And what I have to shovel this morning with L so she can go do a reset.
We are quite fine thank you For anyone worrying that the "Upstate NY" snow problems have caused any problems in the Capital District have no fear. We are too far away to be experiencing any "Lake Effect" snow like Oswego.