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When Black Friday Comes.... Worked the 930 to 930 shift yesterday, so thats what... half day? We did over 30,000 on Black Friday, I had a decent day with just under 4k myself. My feet were throbbing by the end of the day though, but that's no surprise. Still have 8 hrs today and 7 tomorrow to get through before I take the day off on Monday, no teaching and no RS. Send the phone sales my way ok?
59th annual Turkey Trot Alex did ok. Two pics from the digital, though why the first is out of focus is beyond me. One from the start of the race and one at the end. He is in yellow. Said his stomach was bothering him by the end of the race. It was raining and just above freezing, but he ran it.
Sunset on two coasts in one Day I sent the first pic to a friend in Santa Cruz CA, and she sent me the second one back three hours later. Both were taken with camera phones. Technology is so amazing
They Declared the War, I just fight on the side that is right. I have gotten a lot of comments from friends here and IRL about "all the parties are alike" and why I don't see that they are. Well friends they are not alike. The Right via the Republicans have declared a cultural war from the grassroots. This is a moral, political and economic crusade to change the face of America. They wish to tell us what movies are good for our children. They wish to tell us what science we can research. They wish to tell women how to take care of their bodies. They wish to mix their religious nonsense into our school's curriculum. They wish to make the rich richer, corporate profit margins fatter at the expense of the American worker, and the middle class suffer. They want to tell me that my marriage is somehow cheapened because two people who are the same sex want to make the same vows to God that I did. They say they are fighting a culture war declared upon them by H
The Scandal Sheet. Read it, learn it. Vote the bums out on Tuesday Science: An Inconvenient Truth The scandal: The clear and present dangers of global warming haven't just met with a cold shoulder at the White House -- Bush officials have ordered a freeze on the facts. The White House kept a grip on scientists at federal agencies, limiting their contact with the media and issuing reminders to "stay on message" in interviews, according to government e-mails obtained by Salon this year through a Freedom of Information Act request. Employees of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have said that administration officials "chastised them for speaking on policy questions; removed references to global warming from their reports, news releases and conference Web sites; investigated news leaks; and sometimes urged them to stop speaking to the media altogether." The White House also blocked publication of research by NOAA scientists linking globa
They Cannot Loose Who am I referring to? The Republicans of course. This is because on top of the lies and deciet the Republicant's have mastered the art of stealing elections in a 1st world country. As shown by 2000 in Florida, where Katherine Harris locked up the state and in 2004 where Kenneth Blackwell did the same in Ohio, the Repbublican't have found every means legal and illegal to negate the will of the voters. Exit polls don't lie, just Republican thugs. And now paperless polling machines are even more ubiquituous than ever. No in every close race in the US Senate and House you should expect the Repbulicant's to win in a narrow margin. Bet the house on it. We don't live in a Democracy anymore.