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46 today I'm working today. Taking next weekend off. Alex was perplexed regarding why I was working today, he does not get the idea of stretching out a birthday to a week at least. Dad called me at work last night, and then this am around 930. Mom called around 1230. Alex and Liza snuck birthday cards in my backpack, and I know they are planning a nice dinner tonight. So that is it, 46 not 47.... lol.
I am a Math Moron Please disregard my post from September 10 of this year. I know I was married in 1988. What I can't seem to get my head around is that this is still 2007. I have been thinking that I am about to be 47 and that my 20th is comming all year. That will be NEXT year, in 2008. Then 2009.... 30th HS reunion. Weee
20 years ago today (No it is 19, see above) (comments added when I realized my mistake) Hard to believe. Long time, yet no time at all. We got married at the Apel Inn in Altamont. It was a quite service outside, though the fireworks leading up to it almost did in the marriage, and the officiating Minister almost got replaced. The night before had been the reception dinner at the Desmond and it was a doozy, so everyone was a bit "peaked". The ceremony had lots of attendees, including three ducks and two cats. Things are tight and a bit strained so we stuck with cards this year. For the last big anniversary's we did something, but not exactly on that date. At 5 yrs we had Alex, a month earlier. At 10 yrs we closed on our house 2 mo later. At 15 yrs we took a 2nd honeymoon a year later in Paris. So there is still time to celebrate. This isn't sour grapes, nor is it an invitation to send a belated happy anniversary but it frankly surprises me how many called
Just a quick update on the car situation. They did not total the car, but the damages will take about 20 days total including parts ordering. Rental will be covered till then. Good think I have that addition to my policy! Got a real run a round by Enterprise today but finally ended up with a Dodge Magnum for a day, till they get the right "class" of car that is under my daily rental limit. It is black with tinted side windows in the back, and frankly looks like a hearse. No idea why anyone would want one of these things, it gets terrible gas mileage. So there we go, I will probably pop a picture of it on the blog tomorrow just for laughs.
First day of High School thank you emmy
When bad things happen to good people... She stopped. I stopped. The car ahead of her started. She started. The car ahead stopped. I started.. and got stopped... I looked up, she took off, I looked at my dashboard and the next thing I knew my head was on the steering wheel. She was driving a jeep and the tow bar spot nailed the front of my car... crushing the bumper, wrecking the radiator and making a general mess. The compartment was full of steam before you knew it. ZERO DAMAGE TO HER CAR. I hate SUV’s… if it had been a car I hit there would have been minimal bumper damage to both cars. This happened today around 5pm on the way to Radio Shack. Needless to say I didn't get there. I had it towed to my Insurance Company's body shop... and I won't know for a bit if it is done. I love(d) this car. Think good thoughts about a repair instead of a total. I'm quite sore. But the airbags didn't go off so part of that is from all the yardwork I did on Labor Day I