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Sunday, January 04, 2004

Do I know how to have fun or WHAT?

I have held off blogging since New Years Day for a few reasons. First and foremost to keep the Year in Review at the top so people will see it first. That is just below this blog so just scroll down for that.

Second because I've been busy with a project. Yes boys and girls its that time of the year where we completely erase our Hard Drives and reinstall our OS. I usually do this annually, but I have put it off for 6 mo.

Why do it at all?

1) It speeds up the computer dramatically.
2) It gets rid of tons of programs you don't use or may have forgotten you even have.
3) Eliminates library files and TSR's that sit around Chunking up your RAM or HD.

Why I don't like doing this:

It is remarkably scary. There is always the real possibility that some conflict will arise and you won't be able to put your computer back together. This time around the scare was that the second drive was not recognized. I had to reformat it earlier than I expected. Which leads to reason two.

Loosing Data unintentionally. I'm pretty good at backing up things and I spent Thu and Fri burning like 6 discs of stuff, but the fact is you always forget something or a plan goes awry. This time I lost some music files as I thought that I could move them from D to C before reformatting D. No giant loss, but still a pain.

So that is what I did from 11am yesterday till after midnight. Finish backing up, repartition, reformat, reload OS, Update OS via the web, Repartiion Disc D after finding that the OS did not recognise it. Twice actually, well three times before the OS recognised it.

Reload programs, "un backup" special files like Email archives etc to return the Computer to some semblance of the way it was before hand. Oh and I watched three football games. No surprises. Tennessee and Carolina beat Baltimore and Dallas respectively.

Off to the final Christmas fete of the year, meeting with Liza's cousins and relatives who live out west of us.
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