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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Saturday Night and Sunday

Saturday Night Dinner and Martini's

Our dinner at Bamboo Asian Fusion was very good. This place was a bog standard "Hibachi cooking table" restaurant, as well as the best of the fine dining at the Paradisus. The restaurant lived up to its name on both counts, very good food, but not superlative performance. The only complaint I had was that the food was much saltier than normal.

I started the night with a Coconut Martini, which was actually quite good as a starter drink. I had another at the dinner, but the sweetness was a bit much so I switched to regular dry Vodka Martini's. This was a mistake because five or so later.. well I was hungover the next day.

In the mean time we had a really fun time after dinner hanging out with lots of Liza's friends. You will even find a picture of one of the women we were hanging with smoking a cigar on the Photo Bucket site. Another lovely night in Paradise.

Sunday - ATV ride and the Closing dinner.

Ok yea so I woke up with a wicked hangover. However even after many offers to not go, I bucked it up and got ready for our Sunday Activity. First though we did get to finally get a really great breakfast at the Caribbe restaurant, which runs on a buffet style. They had a great omelette chef and the food made me feel almost human.

We then got on our busses and headed up into the mountains for the ATV ride. This was billed as an ATV ride through the rain forest, an idea which actually boggles the imagination if you think about it, but really turned out more to be just a ride through the mountains. Do look at the pictures at the Photo Bucket site. The ride was really quite fun. We splashed through lots of water and mud puddles, and made a general mess of ourselves. Our destination was a beautiful river where Liza and one of the other Superstar Winners from our local warehouse went swimming. All and all it ranked right below the dinner last on Friday night as the most fun in my book.

We got back around 1:30 and I was kind of crashing from the high of riding around the jungle on a big ATV, so I laid to take a nap and ended up sleeping almost two hours. I woke up feeling much better, but not better enough to drink. So we showered and dressed up for the final formal dinner. Again look to the Photo Bucket page to see how well we cleaned up. The dinner itself was fairly unremarkable, it was "surf and turf" which was underdone beef and overdone mahi-mahi. I got some spaghetti, which is the best way I can describe what I got, instead of the beef and shrimp.

Liza got her Presidents' Club ring this evening, only the second woman in the history of the company to earn this ring through sales. (All VP's get the Presidents Ring by default). This award is earned by hitting all her numbers, qualifying for Superstars, and doing this after five full years of service. So this year, being her sixth, was her first possible year to qualify, which is an achievement in itself.

We had some local entertainment afterwards, and the party broke up fairly early, as it tends to do with the travel day the next day. I went up and chilled in the suite and Liza went out and did a bit of final schmoozing.

Remember to return to the PUERTO RICO PHOTO BUCKET SITE as I will be scanning in the Professional photos that we were given of our trip, as well as my 35 mm photos when I get them developed.

Next up.. the horrid trip home and why you should NEVER fly USAir.
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