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Thursday, August 28, 2003

Alex's big day

We are starting the celebration of Alexander's 10th birthday a tad early this year. Liza concocted a wonderful day that I wanted to share.

This am Liza picked up Alexander and his two best friends Lucas and Tyler and took them to our local amusement park The Great Escape. I called them from the office around 9am and they were on the way up there, so they probably got there around 10 or so. Just got off the phone with Liza and they are returning now so they stayed at the park for nearly 10 hours. Liza must be exhausted.

Lucas is Alex's best friend from school, the aftershool program, and sports. Amazingly he and Alex have ended up on many of the same teams in Soccer and Little League. I shouldn't say amazingly because I've drafted Lucas every year I have had the chance when coaching. They play at the same level in Soccer every other year due to Alex's birthday falling late in August, as Lucas is a few months older he always goes up one level before Alex. Lucas is the middle child of three, a girl on either side, so we see Lucas quite a lot on weekends when him Mom wants to go shopping with the girls.

In addition Alex gets to spend the night at Tyler's house as a special treat. It is the last week of the YMCA and this is where he sees Tyler every year as they live in differing cities. Tyler's mom works at the YMCA so hopefully Alex will see more of him in the evenings when I begin to go to the gym again. His mom is a great lady who is working on her teaching credential while raising Tyler herself.

So I got a quiet night to myself reading and watching some football, and Liza doesn't have to worry about getting Alex to the YMCA in the am and can get an early start on her day. Unlike many, but not most, if she takes a day off she has to make it up before and after.

QOTD: There is no expedient to which a man will not go to avoid the labor of thinking.
-- Thomas A. Edison

Now Reading: Second Chance at Eden. Short stories set in the Reality Dysfunction universe created by Peter Hamilton (there are some links in earlier entries below)

OBCD today: Live shows downloaded from the live music archive - Addison Groove Project, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Particle and Live Trout.
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