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Monday, August 25, 2003

Yesterday I couldn't spell satellite installer and now I R One

KD and I did our first real satellite install today. I say real because last two were easy. The first was simply intalling a new dish where they had an old one, and the second the customer had already put in a pole and run the cable.

So yesterday we did the whole thing. Sight survey. Picked the best spot on the house. Ran Cable to two spots in the house, one upstairs and one downstairs. Installed the decoders and attached the dish to said house. Then came the fun part. "Hitting" three satellites with one parabolic dish. The key is in the tilt of the dish, getting the signals to reflect properly into the LNB's (those funny little things at the end of a satellite mast that take in the signal.)

This took MOST of the day yesterday. But we were in beautiful "Brunswick" approximately halfway from Troy to the VT border. Very picturesque. Got some good sun too. In black jeans. Don't ask why I wore those! Sweat city AZ!

So we left the office at 11:30, got up there at 12:30 and left there at 5:00. Not bad for half a day's work.

OBCD today: particle shows I downloaded this weekend. These guys are amazing. Some Hawkwind and some Sound Tribe Sector 9.

Now Reading: Second Chance at Eden. A collection of short stories set in Peter Hamilton's Reality Dysfunction Universe.

QOTD: Men are generally idle, and ready to satisfy themselves, and intimidate the industry of others, by calling that impossible which is only difficult.
-- Samuel Johnson
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