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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Cleaning Day!

For no other reason than it seemed a good idea I spent the day house cleaning. Well we all did.

Alex cleaned (with guidance and help) the Living Room as he is the major contributor to the mess there.

Liza did the Bathroom as that is her specialty.

Yours truly did the following:

Vacuumed the entry hall, front stairs, dining room, living room, kitchen, back stairs, upper bathroom, and sunroom.
Dusted and polished with oil the wood in any of these rooms, including cleaning the front door for the first time in five years, Damn that wood shines lol.
Cleaned the entire kitchen including some micro cleansing of the coffee pot and toaster oven. Oiled all the cabinets.

As I said it was time to do some cleaning. Yes I could have done all this Monday afternoon through Thursday Evening but I really never expected to go back to work so quickly. Besides I enjoyed my time off loafing.

If I was younger I could make a decent living cleaning homes. Well I wouldn't really do that, but my point is that I'm quite the Taz when it comes to house cleaning. Kudo's to MW for training me well. In fact my College Sweetheart used to joke that I came "pre trained" before she got me. Needless to say this has been contributor to the reasons that Liza has put up with me for these 16+ years (we lived "in sin" for almost two years before we got married).

Reading: I finished the third book in the Riverworld series last night, so I am starting The Magic Labyrinth today. Complaint: The author pads the last two books with too much recapping of events. The books were not published that far apart originally and people DO reread previous books in series' before moving on. I blame the editor.

OBCD when not vacuuming: Camel, Flower Kings and Glass Hammer from June of 03.....

QOTD:Democracy is a process by which the people are free to choose the man who will get the blame.
-- Laurence J. Peter
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