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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Daze off

First of all thank to all family and friends who have called or written to express support and concern on the job front.

So I got up this am and helped Alex finish his homework. Then I took him to school. Then I came home and mailed out some shows I've recently "found" to some non trading community friends. I listened to one of the shows on the road as I bopped around doing some errands. Like trying to cash my paycheck from LAST Thursday. NOT. Maybe tomorrow. So I got home around 11:30. And then I.. No I... umm.. I...


Just what the doctor ordered. If you want to find out what's happening with work well then you will just have to read my entire blog today cause I'm going to put it randomly in the middle of the blog. No really, I have no idea what is happening. Probably updates tomorrow


I am reading the Riverworld series again. Now I say "again" but in reality I have not read these books since I lived in California in the early 1980's. I think I either lent them to a friend and never got them back, OR I did get them back but they somehow got water damaged. Either way after looking through the book boxes in the attic two weekends ago I determined I don't have them anymore.

So I went off to my favorite used book store for a used set, and promptly bought the newly republished large paperbacks. Ummm what? Don't ask. Ok I tell ya. Part of my collector neurosis for books is that series' MUST all have the same cover art. Its a MUST! So the only way to get the four Riverworld books to all look the same was to buy the new set. Yes there is no hope for me.

So I as soon as I finished Theodore Rex I delved into the first book. (I am on the third now - yea I read fast). I was inspired by the tape of the Movie Riverworld that was on Sci Fi a few months ago. I taped it and finally watched it. You know the syndrome. See the movie.. gotta read the books again. So don't see the Movie. Only a MINOR relation to the books. VERY minor.

Oh and the setup for the Riverworld series is fundamentally simple (for Science Fiction) but yet allows for extremely complicated plotting. Every human that ever lived on the Earth from 20,000 BC to 2008 AD is resurrected on a planet that is one humungous river and its banks. Who needs to invent characters when you can have Richard Burton (NOT the actor), Sam Clemens, Cyrano De Bergerac, John Lackland, need I go on? Why were they resurrected? Read the books!!!
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