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Sunday, September 07, 2003

Fearless prognostication

The NFL starts today. Well it started Thursday but that was lame. Not the game mind you but I hate it when they have to jump start the season. So "marketing"-ish.

Everyone knows the Raiders are my team. There is no second place in my heart. Third place is the Niners and fourth the Giants.

That said I predict that the Raiders are not going to be so hot this year. No it's not because Dallas drubbed them in the preseason. Who cares about the preseason. No the problem is the SuperBowl. All the prognosticators are saying how they will be right up there again. I hope they are right.

But I have seen time and time again that the so called experts look only at the paper and do not take the mind into consideration. Especially in baseball, but in football as well, the mental state is everything. I just don't think overall the mental morale of the Raiders is good. Already in the preseason ( I know I know .. preseason ) Mr. MVP of the year but I can throw five interceptions in a superbowl Ganon is throwing more interceptions.

The point of preseason is to see all the squads. The Raiders' first squad, as seen in the first and part of the second quarter, looked anemic at best. Watch for KC of all teams in the West. I think Denver still has to break in Plummer before he shows if Arizona was a unique situation or indicative of his play.
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