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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Fuck it

Sorry for the strong language. It has been more than 24 hours since I have heard from our CFO as to what the final disposition of the old company and the new "entity". In that time I have spoken with a number of key players and they had not heard from him either.

I called the office today (the CFO had still been going in) on numerous occasions as did the players I spoke to today and no one had answered the phone. One bit I had forgot to mention is that the owner had come in yesterday afternoon to change all the locks on the place, with the obvious, though never admitted intention to lock out the CFO as well. The CFO did end up with a key but I wonder if the owner came back again later than night and changed them again.

Locked in that building, with no one to work the merchandise is approximately 1500 converter boxes belonging to CableVision and Time Warner and about 30 pieces of consumer goods belonging to (now pissed off) Electronic Doc customers.

Basically it looks like Ned (the owner) has had is final screw to the rest of the employees. I also heard from one of the key players that the money man for the new "entity" is having major second thoughts about said new entity.

I am going to apply for unemployment and then get registered as a substitute teacher.

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OBCD - Live Glass Hammer and Kraan from Trenton NJ in June 2003

QOTD: Fuck it
- yours truly
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