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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Fun Birthday

So MW arrived on the train at 5:15 last night. Picked her up at the new Albany Train Station and whisked her home. We unloaded the car and got Alex from the F's down the street. Fooled around at the house for a while with MW's AOL program and her POS Toshiba computer and then headed out for dinner.

We went to Garcia's for dinner. I love Mexican food, even denuded East Coast Mexican Food, and Garcia's makes some great dishes. I ordered three enchiladas - Spinach, Cheese and Chicken. I got Beef instead of Chicken, but they replaced it with TWO chicken which went home in the "people" bag. We also had Nacho's grande so I was beyond stuffed last night. I got the obligatory birthday song from the employees and some "fried ice cream" for dessert.

We went back to the house after dinner and had some presents too. Not bad for 42. Then everyone crashed around 10:30, me doped up on NyQuil due to a chest cold and cough. Got up at 615am to take MW to the Airport and then treated myself to Denny's for breakfast this am. I feel pretty crappy today, but a heck of a lot better than yesterday.

I'm megadosing in Vitamin C and echinacea as well so hopefully I'll have shook this off by the weekend as it is very busy and very planned.


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