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Friday, September 12, 2003

The ongoing stoooory of a company that's gone to the Dogs....

Check the previous entries of Thu Sept 4, and Mon Sept 8 for initial entries of this story if you are behind on news first, or this won't make much sense. The Sept 8 entry is below, but the important entry is the 4th for which you need to look at the archive to the right.

The CFO is meeting at 9am tomorrow morning with the final ultimatum for the owner. Pony up 40K, close the business, or sign it over to new owners. He will call me in the morning with the results of the meeting.

I am cleaning out my desk this afternoon and backing up all my data. I do not believe I will be working on Monday past 8:15 or so.

Right now I don't give a rats ass whether the new entity is formed or not. As far as I am concerned this moment I can walk out of this building and never look back. However I have made a commitment to the new entity and will honor that commitment. In the mean time I cannot stress enough that I need the week off between entities. I need a mental Q-tip as it were to just read and relax and get my head ready for the new / old challenge.

So that is how it stands today.
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