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Saturday, September 27, 2003

Sun Fresh Air and Fun

Hey there sports fans. No blog since Wednesday! Go figure. Work has been awfully busy. I spent part of Wednesday doing a Satellite Install on top of a two story flat roof. Mission Accomplished.

Thursday was spent on the road mostly, picking up and delivering work to my business customers. Who needs weight lifting when you are lugging 27 and 32 in TV's in and out of your car.

Friday was a typical Friday. Busy with lots of paperwork...

So on to today's blog. Alex and I got up early today and drove up to the Rotary camp to meet up for a day of fun with the cub scout and boy scout troops. We played some fun competitive games.. the kind only boy scout troops can come up with .. lots of fun. Then we had grilled hotdogs and (others had) hamburgers. THEN was the really fun part, as part of a "scavenger hunt" we hiked nearly 6 miles total through the hills and valleys of Upstate NY. I had a grand time although I am very very sore. The killer part of the hike was about half to three quarters of a mile straight up hill.

Being out of contact with computers, TV etc was very refreshing. Though ironically there was no where in this "wilderness" that my cell phone was not getting at lest two bars on its antenna display. Not that I used it, but it was ironic that there were places on the mountain that I was getting better reception than I do at my home.

I had been complaining about not having much time to "slum" around this weekend but I'm thinking that today may have been some of the tonic I need.

Tomorrow Alex and I are off to NH to see Dad and Kathy. We are getting going as early as possible. When that is exactly is open for discussion.

Now Reading: Gods of Riverworld - book five of the Riverworld series

OBCD (in the car to the camp and home) - some chill/lounge music with Alex professed to enjoy, and the "live at home" silver CD from Sound Tribe Sector Nine, which Alex obviously liked.

QOTD:Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform.
-- Mark Twain
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