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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Talking Heads

That is SUNDAY Talking Heads not the band. Caught up with this week's three Sun AM shows (Meet the Press, This Week with George and Face the Nation) as well as older ones I had not gotten to yesterday afternoon. A delightful three hours or so with Tim, George, George, Bob and the gang. (wink - do you know who I'm talking about?)

What was interesting is that over the last three weeks George has interviewed Gephardt and Edwards. Bob has interviewed Leiberman and Kerry got the full hour of Tim's show this week. Where is Howard??? The Dean machine is missing over the last four weeks of Heads.

May we suppose that the producers suppose he has enough steam already?? Either way I want to hear him. Here were my impressions of the four.

Kerry: His gig is "I'm mad at Bush". It's cute but I'm not sure how well it will play. On paper this guy is Mr. President all over. However I think his handlers are not doing a good job. He did VERY well with Tim's difficult questions and I thought he came out very convincing. But I'm already a Dem. What about Indy's and Moderate Reps? Will he play to them?

Leiberman: Gosh I like this guy personally. But I don't buy him at all as Presidential Material. On Bob's show last week he was mealy mouthed and evasive. Coming right after seeing Kerry it was like night and day. Stay in the Senate Joe.

Gephard. Personally - Ick. Have not liked him since 1988. He did come across as very much more personable on George's show than I remember him to be. He is the second most self convinced that he is getting the nomination. I don't know if it is hubris or just game talk. Either way I'm not a Gephardt fan at all.

Edwards. Young looking and very personable. Absolutely convinced he is the next President. I think he squandered some early leads while he was getting his platform together as he fully admits. Of the four, on the stump I like his style the best. He is Presidential material. Unfortunately with the way George handles interviews vs Bob or Tim I didn't get a feel for his positions. I want to hear these things from their mouths, not from their position papers.

So right now my vote is for Kerry from these four. Edwards a close second. For electability I still feel a Edwards/Dean ticket is a great shot at the Presidency. Nice geographical balance, and a nice balance between a neo and more old style liberal. I can't wait to hear Dean. Maybe this Sunday.

All four are MAD AT BUSH. The present President is in for a long haul if the Economy keeps dragging its butt and Iran sinks deeper into quagmire. And well it should. I have little faith in the Bush Team to get anything positive accomplished for this country unless it is collateral fire so to speak from lining the rich's pockets before they all get thrown out of office. The key points are that the Domestic econ is in the doldrums and Bush has done nothing to set it right. All four candidates harped on that. The other issue is the complete lack of preparation for "winning the peace" as the sound bytes call it in Iran.

Can't disagree.

QOTD:Americans are overreachers; overreaching is the most admirable of the many American excesses.
-- George F. Will

OBCD today: Elfslut's Moody Blues Vine. Copied and burned last night and sent off to AD today. Can't wait to listen to it.

Still Reading: Theodore Rex
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