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Thursday, October 16, 2003

Becoming a Scout Leader

I have decided to renew my "career" with Scouting. It is a dedication to many things including my son, his friends, my love of teaching kids and frankly my sanity. My son graduates from WeBeLo's year two in February and I have declared my intent to his future Scout Troop to help out as an Assistant Scoutmaster.

To that end this month is going to be a bit crazy. In order to qualify for the "trained leader" patch which I think is absolutely necessary for the respect of the kids and the other leaders I need to complete three "courses" taught by the District. The first is a one evening course for 2.5 hrs next Monday (so no "Boys Night In" next Monday). The second is also 2.5 hrs each, but is over three sessions tonight and the next two Thursday's. Finally, and here is the fun part, I get to go camping with the adults this month as well. Its a Friday night to Sunday late morning commitment.

Once that is done however I qualify for this important designation as qualified leader. My son starts Scouts officially in Feb 04, but I may transition myself earlier depending upon how much of my free time I wish to commit before he comes on board.

OBCD today: Stone Trek's. Progressive Radio shows recorded by my friend G in the 90's and lovingly transcribed from cassette tape to CDR's by myself earlier this year. I cut my prog teeth with these shows growing up on the Left Coast.

QOTD: Money frees you from doing things you dislike. Since I dislike doing nearly everything, money is handy.
-- Groucho Marx

For some reason Tues and Wed's blog did not publish so I have re published it below.
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