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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Computer Tech

Spent a good five hours today working with the new ED computers. The boss had finalized arrangements Friday for a new place for the new company so we are out of the old building finally. I really hated going in to the old building every day!

Anyway the owner's sister (remember this is a NEW owner - not the much berated old owner of the old business) is a CIS person for a big corporation. They just upgraded their old computers so she was able to gift us with two Dell computers. One is sweet: 128 Mg Ram, decent size HD for business, PII chip and Windows 98se. The other was problematic however: it had 2000 professional in it so I had to reformat the HD with Windows 98se (so the two computers could network if needed). It only has 64 mg of Ram and it also has a PII. The problem was that the video card - not on the motherboard thank god - would not work in 32bit color with W98. Well I had an ATI Rage laying around that I bought for A's computer but could not get to work. I swapped the Rage for the Diamond that was in it and got everything up to speed. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon getting the computer up to my standards program wise.


So while playing computer tech I watched a bunch of Enterprise episodes...

I have been recording this season's Enterprise on the DVR and so I watched three episodes today. The differences from last season are apparent. They have turned up the heat on the T&A with the Vulcan Science Officer and a Lt of the Marines bopping about occasionally in their undies. Its also much more violent and the characters are behaving more "gritty". There is an over arching "arc" for this season regarding a race (group of races actually) whom for no apparent reason seem hell bent for leather to wipe out Humanity.

Overall however I still don't "care" about the characters like I have for other Star Trek franchise shows. Next up are the Jake 2.0 show's I have also been recording.

Blatantly Offensive

And after the Enterprise episodes I turned on the Yank-me vs Red Sox game. By now if you are a sports fan you have seen the "low lights" of this pathetic game. You all know I don't like the Yank-me's. But watching some young Latino buck whack Don Zimmer to the ground (he is in his 70's) in the dust up in the 4th inning just made me ill. I hope Martinez gets fined big time for his bullying of Mr. Zimmer.

OBCD today: Not listening but burning. I made five copies of the four CD set "Portals Movements and Structures II" which I have alluded to earlier - four CD's chock full of unsigned and signed Progressive artists' music. Just brilliant!

Still Reading: Ok I'm such a Dufus. Its not called "Pierpoint" but "Morgan".... durr. And still reading the 7th Dr "New Adventure". Very gritty, full of homosexuals and drugs, set in Maggot Scratcher's late 80's UK. Not pretty but a good read.

QOTD:I have only one superstition. I touch all the bases when I hit a home run.
-- Babe Ruth (I love blog appropriate quotes).
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