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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Gettin' ready for Halloween

Day two of the Boys Night In Marathon. Tonight we decided to do Pumpkins instead of movies. Alex designed a custom pumpkin with a neat / scary face. I took a pre made design looking like a Dracula. Kinda neat stuff actually. We use the PC Jackolantern program which is simply the PC version of those templates you see in the market to cut nice patterns in Pumpkins.

I didn't take any pics of them this year. Of coruse the JackOLantern looks better in the dark and lit, and that is problematical with my digital camera. We "boys" did ok with out L if I do say so myself.

As for work we are moving right along. Getting the other lines going as quickly as we can, Automotive and Satellite. The local stations start broadcasting in November for this Market. Thats EchoStar (DISH) not the DirectTV (Hughes) product.

Otherwise its been pretty weird with the Wife gone for two nights. Look forward to her coming home, as is Alex.

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