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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I got some great bumper stickers

There is this great website called Two Unemployed Democrats which has the most wonderfully funny, politically astute, and politically appropriate bumperstickers.

Here are the first two going on my car



I am completely beat. I have not slept well in a few nights. Last night I woke up and for the few moments I was not aware of what time it was felt like I had just finished a full night's sleep. I was waiting for L's alarm clock to go off, and then I looked at my watch.



I had the most vivid dreams, they involved my HS sweetheart. I periodically dream about her. I figure its a tenuous psychic connection to the alternate dimension Mike who married her. Yes I believe in alternate dimensions. I'm a nut, sue me. They are always the same, about family life, etc etc.

Now family members who read this do not think for a moment that this is some psychic cry of a suppressed unhappy husband. You all know just how much I love my wife and cherish my life with her.


Alex's best friend Lucas had a moral dilemma. Seems that Alex got what they call "detention" this week in 5th grade. This is NOT for bad social behavior or being a bully, but because he didn't get all his assignments in. Anyway Lucas learned in conversations that Alex had no intention of telling us that he had Detention. Alex argued that it would be over and done and we would never know about it.

Lucas is a very morally upright child. So he went home and talked to his mom about it. Judy called us. Ok so how do we handle it? Can't blow Lucas' cover. So I gave Alex three chances to tell me if anything was going on at school. Then I asked him if he knew I communicated with his teachers on a regular basis. So that covered Lucas and allowed Alex to save a little face by finally telling us about this. Alex learned three important lessons today. Do not lie. Don't be afraid to tell the truth and DADDY ALWAYS FINDS OUT. ;)

OBCD: Bond (the all gorgeous girl classical band), Lots of U2, some 1980's "hits".

Now reading: Ok so its gonna take quite a while to finish Morgan at this rate. I just got the newest 8th Dr novel Emotional Chemistry in the mail today so I'm diving into that.

QOTD:Help others get ahead. You will always stand taller with someone else on your shoulders.
-- Bob Moawad
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