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Monday, October 20, 2003

Odds and Ends

Stupefying Boring

I survived my one-day class "New Leader Essentials" today as part of the training required for the BSA Asst Scoutmaster position. I won't go into just how dull this was, though I must say the trainer does her best to make the information interesting.

The most amusing/pathetic parts were the videos commissioned by the BSA National Offices. Frankly they looked like something the Sesame Street people put together, with words coming down on the screen to hit the "actors" (very loose use of the term) on the head. Yea it was that absurd. Then there was a 15 min video reviewing the developmental stages of children. Gosh if I had known this existed I would not have put in four years at a school of higher learning getting my BA in Psychology, concentrating of child psych.

So with this done I have two 2.5 hr Thursdays to go and one frigid overnighter this weekend and I'm "trained".

Great Library

The classes have been held in the new East Greenbush Library. WOW what a fantastic new library. The children's section alone is worth visiting if you have kids. But I joined the Library system again because they carry a number of the "Great Courses" series from The Teaching Company. I borrowed the History of the English Language, which is a series of lectures by a Stanford Professor. I have always wanted to own some of these series on tape, but the cost (even on sale this one is a $50.00 series) are just way to high.

I am very impressed by the donor, or the Library buyer, who purchased these tapes for the Library. This library card will also allow me to catch up on some Presidential Bio's that I cannot find or are out of print. The library is an easy ride for me from work during lunch, but at least till the last Thursday of this month I'll be going there anyway for the BSA training.

Phone installation expert

Well now I am at least. We finally got our phone lines at the new place but as is the new way of things the Phone Company only brought the lines to what is called the "D Mark". From there its your problem. Well the place was somewhat pre wired for phone, or should I say over wired as it seems no one has removed the phone runs just added to them.

This resulted in a confusing mess of lines running off the D Mark board. However your intrepid phone installation guy me was able to wire up two sets of Four Line Jacks and the fax machine, though it took most of the afternoon. I think the boss was impressed. Hey maybe we will go into phone system installation as well. Why not!?!

OBCD: My Moody Blues studio album collection. The core 7 albums plus the live album fit on one MP3 CDR, the rest fit on another. The earlier stuff is phenomenal. I'm not as hot on the rest of the studio stuff but its still good ol MB.

Just read as a break: The next 7th Dr book of the Virgin Books "New Adventures" called "So Vile a Sin".. we loose one of the long time companions in this one: Roz Forrester, and it is written by one of my fave Dr. Who authors Kate Orman. Still reading JP Morgan - did I mention it is very thick?

QOTD:I was walking down the street wearing glasses when the prescription ran out.
-- Steven Wright
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