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Monday, October 06, 2003

Post Weekend Blues

OAKLAND: BOTH the A's and Da Raida's lost on Sunday. AND I was wearing my A's cap and Raida's Sweatshirt. The nerve of those two teams to both disappoint me. Well at least the CUBBIES's won!! Goodbye Atlanta... Now if we can just usher the Yank-Me's out of the playoffs and see an A's - Cub or Red Sox - Cub World Series!

POOLS: Still Alive in the single elimination pool but got drubbed for the second straight week in the other pool. To add INSULT to INJURY I had printed up the grid on Thu and made my picks, then could not find them. So on Friday I did some thinking (Do Not Think while doing pics.. go with intuition) and picked a few different choices. EACH of those were wrong. My strength in football pics is the "feel" not the analysis. Oh well. 11 weeks to go.

BLESS ME FATHER: Watched a couple of more episodes on tape this weekend. What a hoot. And to think this was filmed in 1978. I get all dreamy and nostalgic about 1978/1979. I was 16 - 18 and in HS. Some of the best British Comedies, Dr. Who, Prog Rock came out of that era. In love for the first time in '79. Ah the nostalgia of the Middle aged Man.

NO BURN ZONE: I owe a handful of people CDR's from trades and trees and such. I was supposed to do them this weekend. I didn't cause I was a bum. So now I have to do them during the week, which isn't a bad thing as it keeps my busy. Still waiting the arrival of Portals, Movements and Structures II which is a four cd set I am Treeing of all studio work by new signed and unsigned prog musicians. Its a work of love, no trades occur on the tree, the CDR's move one way only.

NO BROTHER ZONE:Spoke to Brother G on Friday.. said he might come by as he was on the East Coast. Was hoping at least for a call from a Land Line (his cell roaming charges are unreal) but no call. Oh well. I had this fantasy he would just show up at the door. A would freak happy and L would glare cause the house was not in order. Well one can dream can't one? lol

OBCD today (monday): "workout" MP3CD chock full of fun songs with a beat.

Now Reading: Pierpoint A biograpy of JP Morgan. This is a "desert course" (though its thick) to my Roosevelt Biographies as it sees the time period from a slightly different perspective.

QOTD is a great one: The married are those who have taken the terrible risk of intimacy and, having taken it, know life without intimacy to be impossible.
-- Carolyn Heilbrun
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