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Musings and Meanderings

Saturday, October 25, 2003

What a story!

23 yr old Kid Pitcher.
3 days rest.
Complete game.
6th Game of the World Series.
Tags the final out personally.
In Yankee stadium.

What a story. What a dream come true for Josh Beckett. If handled correctly the Marlins could be the "A's of the National League" a competitive team on a low budget.

Now we get to listen to the biggest idiot in Baseball spend the off season slagging off his "horrible" team. Now I don't like the Yank-me's. Duh. But this is a great team and a great lineup. SOMEONE HAS TO LOOSE. Stein-moron just can't handle that sometimes its him. Makes Al Davis look lucid. Go figure.

Oh and yes I came home Saturday night. We finished the Outdoor training early, but thats another story for tomorrow.

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