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Friday, October 10, 2003

WOW no blog since TUESDAY??

What have you been doing?

::kids voice:: Nothing...

Part of the problem is that I usually compose these at work (I know I know) or later in the evening at home. Since we lost our Broadband at work its been more problematic to write these, and with the baseball playoffs I've been preoccupied in the evenings.

I'm rooting for an interesting World Series, i.e. one without the Yank-me's.

Oh look a World Series with the Yankees... how different and unique... YAWN.

Really it would be great for the sport to have the Cubbies and the Sox play each other. One has not won a WS since '08 and the other since '18. My luck (and the Fox network cause it will kill the ratings) it will be the Yank-me's and the Marlins (The Marlins cannot even fill their own ball park let alone interest the rest of the country).

Spin Control

I see Dubya is taking on the road to sell his great record to the American people. Heh. Phat chance.

Its very good to see that the American public is beginning to wake up and see that this guy has no plan and is focused on one thing: making his cronies richer.

Now if the fractious Dems can get a focused message then maybe the country has a chance of recovering from this Man and his band of civil rights abolishing, war mongering arseholes.

This is so incredibly not Politically Correct I've been reticent in saying it: but how many innocent Afghani’s and Iraqi's have to die in relation to the innocent Americans who died in the WTC to satisfy this Man's blood lust? Is the ratio 2:1 3:1 10:1? When does an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth end? Oh and you can add every American boy killed AFTER hostilities stopped (according to our leader) to that American innocent's total.

Kid Overnight

So the kid is staying over at a friend’s house tonight. Usually L and my Friday nights consist of complete relaxation with her dozing off in front of the TV downstairs and me dozing off in bed with the TV on. (We watch different things on Friday nights). So the over riding question is.. Romance or the Regular Hum Drum...

Decisions decisions

OBCD: Some shows from June in Trenton NJ.....

Still Reading: Pierpoint and Damaged Goods simultaneously. (JP Morgan's first wife died 9 WEEKS after they got married from tuberculosis... does that hurt or what?)

QOTD:Intimate relationships cannot substitute for a life plan. But to have any meaning or viability at all, a life plan must include intimate relationships.
-- Harriet Lerner

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