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Thursday, November 13, 2003

Amusing thought of the day

Driving to work today I heard the Bush people were "brainstorming" on what to do with Iraq. Immediately the song Oklahoma came to my mind.

"Ohhhhhhhklahoma where the wind goes whipping down the plain"... I will let you figure out the correlation....

Amazing what 1% will do.

Finally signed the papers for the ReFi today. Took close to an hour and a half not counting the waiting for the Notary Public to come in with all the copies. We went from 6.5 to 5.5 and are saving 127/mo. And the Christmas present which was not at all expected is that we don't have a December mortgage payment. Not bad for two months worth of work.

Actually its been a comedy of errors mostly surrounding the ReFi company. I called my present mortgage company nie on two or more months ago and started the grinding wheels in motion. Finally the local office sent me the paperwork for the ReFi and a consolidation loan. I dragged my feet a bit and then was told by the local office rep "take your time, no problem", so in my inimitable way, I took a LOT of time.

I didn't realize they had put a expiration date on the rate...

So about three weeks after I sent in the paperwork (I had no idea how long it took for underwriting) I got a letter from the corporate office asking why we had not pursued their offer. Um Excuse Me??? So I called, and bitched out the manager because the local rep had led me to believe I could "take my time.."

She saved the deal by holding the rate open if I hurried and signed all the paperwork, which they had to send AGAIN. I said, what about the consolidation? Oh she said there was no deadline on that so we will just hold onto the papers we sent you.

Less than a week after we returned the papers we got a call from the Closing Lawyers, saying we could come in and sign the loan. So when I called I asked about the consolidation. What consolidation? Oy! So I called the local office again, oh no they said, you have to reapply for that too. (are you getting the picture that the don't have their act together?)

Sooo she basically approved me over the phone and send another set of papers. When my better half read them she did NOT like the offer, and promptly went to our local credit union the next day and got an unsecured loan for consolidation that was 50% more than the offer from my mortgage company -- which was a secured loan. Lower interest rate, and fixed.

Anyway that's the story, the ReFi is done (thank god) and we sign the consolidation on Saturday. This totally restructures our debt and clear 75% of our outstanding revolving debt in 5 years while actually paying LESS than we are paying now. Cool.

Now Reading: Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. Bloody amazing book. 1100 pages and tiny text. Unbelievably well written.

OBCD recently: Lots of Studio Camel.

QOTD: [M]aybe the most any of us can expect of ourselves isn't perfection but progress.
-- Michelle Burford, O Magazine, 2003
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