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Sunday, November 30, 2003

Conservative Columnists
now reposted - was the blog of last wednesday

Whenever I am somewhat sleepy in the morning, or full of the milk of human kindness, I go over to read Ann Coulter latest column. It wakes me up, and gets me mad.

This reminds me how small minded the right wing of the Republican Party can be. With the fall of Rush Limbaugh this woman is the leading purveyor of lies and deceit. I'm convinced that the only way for the "cons" to keep their sheep in line is to lie and slander their way through an election. (Not to mention the actual stealing of elections.. but we won't get into that.... old news.. we know what they do).

We have already seen that the latest Shrub commercial in Iowa directly attacks the patriotism of any individual who is foolish enough to challenge this bit of Ornamental Shrubbery who is in the White House. Coulter takes it right to the edge calling the entire line up of Democratic Contenders the "Treason Lobby".

Of course the real reason she does this, like so many "pundits" of the Right, is to sell more copies of her book of course. That and she is pretty much certifiable....

So where it the antidote to Coulter? Who is taking her on from the Left? I don't think that we can just ignore her, because her Nazi-esk "Big Lies" will travel further than the truth. That is the sad fact.
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