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Monday, November 24, 2003

Good bye Honda Civic

I have been going back and forth with a business associate of Liza's for the past few weeks on an appropriate dollar figure for him to drive up from the southern part of the state and take away the 92 Honda Civic that has been sitting in the back yard for the past year and a half. We put it there after it sat for another half a year on the road, not being driven, just moved back and forth, as Liza had gotten herself a company car and HER car had AC.

So we finally fell on a price of $500. I thought this was pretty good for a car which frankly didn't look so hot any more (it had not been washed in two years) and had not been started in a year and a half.

So Saturday Am I got up and began to clear away the leaves (see Sunday) and detritus around the car. Then I opened the back gate. Then I washed the car down. Turns out the discoloring of the finish was completely MUD and not any blemish to the finish. This was my first good news bad news. Good because it made the car look much better, bad.. well we can get to that.

So the buyers came along at 11am and put a new battery and filled it with fresh gas. Then they tried to start it. IT STARTED. Now I feel like a compete idiot. If I had done this I am sure I could have gotten a much better price for the car. To make myself feel better (not) I went online to the Kelly blue book site and punched in some worse case scenarios for the car hoping that the blue book price would come back with some decent news. No luck.

The trade in value of the vehicle was $825 even with me taking off all the features the car actually had. Then bright boy decided to see what the sale value was to a private buyer. $1900. So basically I pissed away anywhere between 325 and god knows how much more by not trying to get the car going and cleaning it up.

Well I try not to look backwards and as I write this on Tuesday I'm feeling a tiny (itsy bitsy) bit better about the deal. The car will pay off the new refrigerator we got this summer. So I traded a car for a fridge. I got the backyard back, as the car was quite an eyesore. And my better half whom I love dearly as you all know, is very happy. Who says (loosing) money cannot buy happiness???
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