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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

I enjoyed that so much I think I'll do it again.. In the News

Bush Warns Extremists Seek to Rule Iraq WOW what a News Flash. What more can I say? I love it when the guy you want to defeat gives you the bullets for your own gun. Of course they want to rule Iraq Mr. Shrub, your poorly planned post war operation has guaranteed that this country will be the hot spot of terrorist cells and activities for years to come. Nice planning. Now go back to Texas. A village is missing its idiot.

Yea I'm a liberal (and proud to be) but I am also balanced. So I'd like to focus on the the Kerry Campaign. If anyone was pre-made to make a run for the White House it was Sen. Kerry. War Veteran, Moderate Liberal, Strong in the Northeast and the Left Coast. But what happened? I don't feel the answer is "Gov Dean". Howard Dean is a phenomenon unto himself, and does not make the other candidates look worse by himself. If Kerry or Edwards or god forbid Gephardt was running strong it would just be a better horserace.

No I think the problem with all of the above Senators is that they have no Message. With a capital M. They have no Product they are selling. With a capital P. The "three Senators" as I'll begin to call them, apparently have no marketing people working for them. So we see Kerry riding a Harley onto Leno, firing his campaign manager, and watching his press secretary and others then resign, it's because he has not given them a Product and a Message to sell. As Al Gore proved disastrously 3.5 yrs ago, the Campaign Manager doesn't matter one hoot if the candidate is not a Candidate. Capice??

And then there is Ann Coulter. Wow what happened to this woman that she is 1) so nasty 2) so ill informed 3) yet so beautiful. Yea so my chromosomes are showing. I'll hold off on any name calling as this woman really gets my goat. Like Rush Limbaugh and so many others they twist and bend the truth just enough to make it work for their own ends, and their disciples (read "sheep") just eat this up. Click on the link to her name and read the dreck she is putting out.

One op-ed piece decries that the Dem's are "opposing the war on terrorism while pretending not to oppose the war on terrorism is to keep demanding that Bush produce a "plan." " Now there is a novel concept. An exit strategy and a post war plan. Imagine if we had actually gone in prepared for the cessation of fighting. Museums would not have been looted, the borders would have been better patrolled from day one, and a working council of ex pat Iraqi's (but please disqualify the criminals) would have been prepared to step in as an interim ruling council.

The other takes a stand that the Dem's are making too big a deal about Lt. Gen. William G. "Jerry" Boykin being a born again Christian. Wrong again you bleach blond bimbo (ok there.. some name calling). The COUNTRY has a problem with this "general" stating that HIS God beat THEIR God. Oh my GOD, what a fine way to assure the Muslim world we are not declaring war on them.

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