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Sunday, November 09, 2003

Matrix or is the plural Matricies?

No Spoilers here.

Alex and I saw the final installment of the Matrix trilogy today. Overall I am quite pleased with the full Trilogy and each movie has its positives and negatives. Ok well actually the first installment has no negatives in my book....

The problem with the final installment is that the ending was not well done. I felt that they were so close to getting it right, but too many things were left unexplained or just dangling out there in the breeze.

The comments by the Slate writer about the long monologes miss me completely. The best part of Reloaded to me were the dialoges between Neo and the Oracle and Neo and the Architect. To me the trilogy revolves around one simple concept. Choice. This theme is examined from different angles and perspectives throughout the three movies but Reloaded hits it best in my mind. I have mentioned before that the Smith's fight scene in Reloaded does not work for me at all, as the CGI looks so PS2 as to be laughable. Otherwise though the fight scenes in all three movies work pretty well for me.

I think the Matrix trilogy touches well on our perception of our own reality. No question the first movie was the strongest, but I don't feel the sequals let me down at all. The trilogy is well based in many aspects of Sci-Fi, and compares well to a Jack Chalker trilogy whose name I cannot remember. The ablity to change reality to his own mental constructs touches on some very eastern philosophical tennats as well. All in all I am quite satisfied with the trilogy. Its not Kubrick, or Hertzog, its just reasonably mindless entertainment with a few nice mental conundrum's thrown in.

So I left the theatre mostly satisfied this afternoon. Alex loved it of course. The special effects of the machine city are fantastic and it is not untill the very end of the movie that things fall apart marginally for me. I won't "spoil" the ending for those who have not seen it but there seemed to me to be something missing in the final scenes that left me wondering why the ending was as it was.

(this blog is a slight cheat as this is substantially the text of an e-mail I sent to some friends)
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