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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

The past few days.....

The house situation

Well we finished up the debt restructuring this weekend with our retiring of 2/3 of our revolving and other debt to be paid off in five years max. Feels really good.

The house needs some help. Well we have been here five years and really have done nothing to it except live in it. So the roof needs some work. And the house needs repainting. And both chimneys's need to have new mortar. Yes we have two chimneys, the original from the 1800's has the furnace exhaust going through it, originally it was the kitchen cooking fireplace. The other is a real fireplace, which we cannot use due to the mortar situation, worries that an ember could come out the mortar holes and set the roof on fire. That would be bad. So anyway we have a year or two of work to do.

More robust concepts from my better half will include insulating the sun room, removing part of the wall that connects it to the kitchen, and redoing the "pantry" (the original mudroom in the first version of this house). In the end we will have a lovely breakfast nook area and a more open house on the far end. Last and certainly least we will redo the front top floor room into Alex's bedroom as he nears his teen years.

Monday leads to a new musical discovery

I spent six hours on the road on Monday purchasing new product for my company. First stop was a distributor in the next county down from us where we got all sorts of neat toys to sell like Car CD players, amps, speakers, sub woofers and car multimedia stuff. A high school dream come true. I never did get to get that cool car in HS ( I didn't want to work so it was my own damn fault) and the cool sound system. I still don't have a cool sound system but that will come as is fairly apparent.

Then I went another county down to pick up new Echostar systems (My market now has local channels beamed via satellite). I also picked up some XM satellite radio stuff. Now can you imagine paying a couple of hundred bucks for a satellite radio receiver just so you can have the privilege of paying XM 9.95 a month to use it? Well apparently thousands of people have and more every day. The programming for this service is phenomenal! 100 channels of Clear Digital Quality radio. Every music spectrum you can imagine as well as news, sports and family channels.

There is something for everyone. Rock and roll? Love Classical? Four channels. Like Jazz? Seven channels! How about Chill/Acid Jazz/ Techno. Yep. Even my personal least favorite genre's... Christian rock, Yep. The Rap scene? Yep. Country? Yep

And the big one for me. Are you a PROG HEAD?? Channel 51 - Music Lab and Channel 72 Beyond Jazz are worth the price of admission alone. Now I must be honest. I didn't pay for the equipment or the programming. Well a little for the programming. It’s a benefit of my present employment. But I would have if I had to. Feel free to click on the links I have provided and you can listen a bit via the web to what I've discovered.
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