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Friday, November 07, 2003


Bad trend rearing its ugly head. Skipping daze (sic) blogging. Must find a discrete time in each day to blog.

Who am I, or more importantly what do I believe.

I believe I'll have a good drink!

Not really, in fact I really don't drink. I also do not eat red meat. I try to stay low carb but its not easy.

Organized religion leaves me cold. I do believe in a god, but more of the deist (sp?) The clockwork universe is God, but I am not a believer in predestination. I am an existentialist, but I believe that a "Judeo-Christian" value system must be adhered to in order for society to hang together.

Fundamentalism is similar regardless of what religion you adhere to, and is the single biggest threat to world peace. There is nothing wrong with the basic religion, be it Christian, Judaism, Moslem, Hindu etc. But men of power pervert and corrupt the teachings of their real or mythical prophets in order to attain their aims. Put another way: a Fundamental Christian who guns down a Doctor is the same as a Fundamental Muslim who destroys a building with an airplane.

I believe that handguns were made for one purpose, that is killing people. The NRA stand on this issue shows that they care less about people's safety than their own power within our government. This easily segues to the next concept.

Without fundamental campaign finance reform the vested moneyed interests in this country will always adhere to the golden rule: Those that have the gold make the rules.

I believe that life starts in the second trimester. It is none of the government's business nor religion’s business if a woman decides that she does not wish to carry to term during that period. Here is Fundamentalism again. The idea that a bunch of bible toting fundamentalists can tell my wife, sister, daughter or friend whether she can decide to have a child is most offensive. It just shows how these people have lost their way and lost their Christian values. Controlling others, violence and hatred are not Christian Values.

I believe that every person has a right to some sort of good health care. I don't even pretend to have a "plan" to make this happen efficiently and cost effectively, but none the less in a modern society it should be a right not a privilege.

However I do not believe it is NOT every person's right to blame someone else for their extreme stupidity. If you drive a car and drink hot coffee and spill it on yourself - then you are clumsy. It's not a matter for the courts. If you decide to smoke cigarettes, then you are taking a risk - dont expect Government or Corporate America to foot the bill for your last dying days. Tort reform and the reduction of litigation will free up millions of dollars and hundreds of court hours.

I believe that war is a catastrophically bad way to settle disputes. But it can also be the final solution to intransigent regional regimes. It must be a Global action, not an action taken by one or two countries. There must be a plan for the aftermath. But I repeat my very first blog. Sometimes in the course of world events the Global Community needs to stand up and say "No More".. No more exporting weapons, no more abuse of your people.

So yes I was in favor of removing Saddam Hussein. Yes I think the Bush administration has bungled this so spectacularly that it will probably be taught in the next century as how NOT to go about making war.

I believe everyone regardless of race creed or color is born a good person.

I also believe that it is easy to corrupt a child with hate. It happens in every corner of the globe. Whites teaching their children to hate blacks. Arabs teaching their children to hate Jews. Hindu's teaching their children to hate Muslims. And of course visa versa. Look at the former Yugoslavia. Another generation of violence is guaranteed because the ethic groups in this country have taught their children that revenge for the deaths of the present generation is the right thing.

I'd like someone to show me in the teachings of Christ where it is suggested that this is a good idea. Or in the teachings of Mohammed. Or the in teachings of Buddha.

Ok enough for one day.

Reading or Read: Finished another 7th Dr book, Bad Therapy, which ties up Peri's fate nice and neat. Finished the 8th Dr book Emotional Chemistry and the PDA Mission Impractical which was a fanboy romp if there ever was one.

OBCD the last few days: the Chill Collection brought to me by Brother Greg.

A Quote for the day:I shut my eyes in order to see.
-- Paul Gauguin

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