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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Christmas Countdown

Went and got the tree today. We have a family run farm that is back behind the house a few minutes in the more rural area back there. $40 for a Douglas Fir. Not bad I guess. We didn't go cut a tree as was my family tradition because frankly that tree farm is miles away and its' quite a busy time.

I stuck the tree in the holder outside in water. We watched A Charlie Brown Christmas during dinner then I brought the tree in and we got it into the new five screw holder. Our last was four screws so we are one screw ahead in stability I guess.

So tomorrow Liza is going to put up the lights (that is one her specialties) and then we all decorate. Traditionally we play the VHS tape I have of the Patrick Stewart version of A Christmas Carol. However this year we may break tradition and open a present early and watch that instead. It's a DVD of a recent movie, an extended version. This series of movies has become a short tradition for us as well as we go see the newest installment on Christmas night.

Otherwise things go well. Most of the shopping is done, with a few exceptions. Liza has wrapped most of the presents as well.

Overall things are well too. Liza and I are buried with our work, each in our own way. Physically my back and hip pains have been acting up again recently. It's mostly from lugging all those heavy TV's around for my back. My hip is another story entirely and as Liza's health insurance has finally evolved into a PHP I am finally going to go after the reasons for this continual pain in my hip come the new year. I'm beginning to wonder if its rheumitoid arthritis. This is not unheard of in people as young as I.

Well that's the short and sweet.
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