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Sunday, December 28, 2003

Christmas Overall

Was very pleasant. "Santa" was pretty good to me this year. Musically L ordered four Hawkwind CD's from Voiceprint for me but they never arrived, so we are tracking that down for me. She got a request for the best of Bowie Remastered for her cousin but being that she is not a Bowie expert, she accidentally bought the 30th anniv remaster of Aladdin Sane instead. When she said she would return it I said no way so it was sticking out of my stocking on Christmas morning. My friend Martin sent me a gift cert from so I ordered the Ziggy remaster as well. Larry sent me a cool Jazz CD as well.

My dad gave me the latest hardback Tom Clancy, so now I have to catch up with Jack Ryan, as I think I'm two books behind, maybe one. Not sure. Last time I read about Jack he had just become President through a bizarre sequence of events. Liza gave me a new scent as well, which I really like. And I got her the women's version from the same "house". Coincidence? Nope, this year I was uninspired so I had her give me a list of what she might want.

The biggest gift overall was a very generous check from MW. We are going to buy a new mattress with that as we are sleeping on the one we got 15 yrs ago.

We usually host Christmas Eve but because of Liza's work schedule we asked her Aunt to host this year. It was most pleasant and we had a great time with the immediate local family. Christmas day was fun, just the three of us opening presents under the tree. Alex got his Gameboy SP that he asked for, but I held it out till the very last present. Just having fun with the son... he was convinced by the end of the present opening that he was not getting it. Parental humor.

Christmas day was at Liza's Mom's and again was quite pleasant. I really do love my married in family. I am lucky that Liza's family is not only nice but smart and fun to be with as well. Three years ago after Christmas Dinner we went and saw The Fellowship of the Ring. We decided it would be Christmas Day tradition till all the movies were out. Last Christmas there was a big storm so we bailed and went the following day as I had the day off. This year I'm working with no days off except Christmas and New Years so we went and saw RotK on Sat AM at the first matinee. See below for a "back dated" review.

So there ya go. The Christmas review. I've been down recently due to a few factors, none of which are important to explicate at this time, but Christmas Day did raise my spirits. Unfortunately the day after was pretty horrid, but that's life.

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