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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Early Christmas in NH

Well we went over the river (the Hudson) and through the woods (the MA/VT/NH woods) to Grandmother/Grandfathers' (Alex's Grandmother/Grandfather) house yesterday. My Dad and step-mom live near Keene NH and we did a day trip there to celebrate Christmas early, before they went back to Switzerland.

In attendance were my Sister Laurie, B-I-L Jon, and niece/nephews Forrest, Harry and Allie. Also Cousin Anne was there with her son Oliver age 2. My nieces/nephews are all around Alex's age. Of course Myself, Liza and Alex as well as two dogs, River the Golden and Lucky the Schipperke.

Santa brought my FATHER an X-Box game system in order to motivate the grandkids to visit more often. The oldest nephews eyes completely bugged out when Dad opened the XBox, apparently he has been coveting a game system for quite some time. Santa also brought each grandchild a wireless remote so they spent a portion of the evening all lined up against the wall upstairs sitting and playing some Mario oriented four player game. Tons of fun.

Alex Harry Forrest Allie
Excuse the poor quality of the digital pic, there is dust in the lens and it gets caught by the flash.
Gotta fix that.

Oliver and Anne

Dad and Mike in matching fleece lined Lands Ends Vests

Sister Laurie

Allie, B-I-L Jon and Forrest playing cards before dinner.

Allie, Laurie, Forrest and Liza

SOMEHOW my step-mom Kathy did not make it into the shoot.... hmmm


Although the entire evening was a blast, the highlight agreed by one and all, was cousin Anne's "Yankee Trading" session. For those not familiar with this concept, and I was not, one host or everyone in the party (the former in this case) wraps up bunches of flotsam and jestom from their home. The attendees pick numbers and then pick in order the wrapped presents. THEN the fun part begins, as the presents are opened, the person presently opening can force trade what they just opened for something they covet even more.

This was great for me, because although I do love my adopted married-into family, I found a few years ago that I need to be with my Mom's side or Dad's side in order to feel that I have truly experienced Christmas.

SO back to work Monday, Tuesday and Friday, and same for next week. Liza is off from Tuesday afternoon on till the new year. With our start up situation at work I don't dare ask for the standard Christmas to New Years time off. If he offers of course I won't turn it down.

QOTD:The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.
-- Voltaire

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