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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Look for Pictures Below this Blog tonight.

In the Mean time

Boys Night In, sorta...Bend it Like Beckham

Due to the storm this weekend Liza decided to come home last night instead of letting us "Bach" it but insisted over the phone that we do the normal every other Monday Boys Night In thingy.

So after trying to get Alex to choose "Bend it like Beckham" for the last 6 time we went to the DVD rental store, I finally just grabbed it and said this is what we are going to watch.

Now for those of you that do not know this film (its not a movie but a film) it is about an Anglo - Indian adolescent girl who has a great skill for futbol. (Ok if you didn't get the drift, she lives in the UK). It is a wonderfully written movie, directed by an Anglo-Indian woman, and really hits the cultural issues VERY well. In addition, the soccer scenes are wonderful, the girls are mega-cute and the film ACTUALLY has a plot! Yes a Plot. Jess our heroine has to overcome her own inhibitions as well as the cultural inhibition of her "community" in order to succeed and be happy. I won't spoil the ending cause it a great ending. Needless to say I was very taken with this film.

It won the Hitchcock L'Argent audience award at the Festival du Film Britannique at Dinard France in 2002. As well as People's Choice Award (3rd place) (2002 Toronto International Film Festival); Audience Award (2002 Locarno Film Festival)

Now, what is important here is that this is surely not a kids movie. There are some very adult themes such as accusations of homsexuality, arranged marriages, deception of parents, cultural and racial prejudice and interracial dating. Although the film has some good soccer scenes its not an action movie either.

So this is the first "film" as I keep calling it, that I have rented for Alex. Well ya know what?

He freakin' loved the film! Was glued to the screen the whole time, and "got it".

Dad's VERY happy, as one of my wishes in life is to have him as a film going partner when Liza is too busy!.

Ok there ya go, GREAT film, RENT it!

See below after the evening of 12/16 for snow pics and tree pics.

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