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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

My most favorite recent Ad

You know I love ads and marketing. Heck I'm a Marketing Manager for gosh sakes. See my radio ads over to the right if you doubt that.

PEPSI has come up with a killer ad.

Cue: Secret Agent Man background music. Fixed Shot: counter space in kitchen, sandwich and Pepsi are on counter.

Up pops the Golden Retriever from out of camera, away goes the sandwich & Golden drops below camera shot. Cue Munching sounds.

Up pops the Golden Retrieve from out of camera, away goes the pepsi & Golden drops below camera. Cue drinking sounds.

Up pops the Golden from out of camera, pepsi can goes back on counter, a dead soldier, empty. Down goes Golden.

Up pops the Golden from out of camera... WITH CAT IN MOUTH. (here is where I fell out of my chair when I first saw it) Golden leaves cat where sandwich WAS on counter with dead Pepsi can. Cats once again busted for doggy deeds.

Just Too Funny!
posted by Mike 1:53 PM


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