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Friday, December 12, 2003

The Weather Out Here

So ya noticed I didn't mention our fun weather happenings in the past few days.

Remember we say here in Upstate NY "If you don't like the weather, just wait a day".

Here is why we say this:

Friday night to Saturday AM (one week ago): The snow started late, maybe after Midnight and didn't let up until Sunday afternoon. The snow front stalled over the capital district, especially on our side of the River. We got a little over two feet of the white stuff. On Saturday afternoon two enterprising young men came by and we paid them to shovel. Then Sunday am another two enterprising young men came by and we paid them as well to do the job all over again. Late Sunday afternoon I went out and cleared out the cars and made a path around the house and back to the back gate. Back pain extraordinare Monday and Tuesday.

Then everything changed over starting on Wednesday: It warmed up to over 40 degrees and the snow pack started melting off. Wednesday eve late and all day yesterday it rained. You can imagine that now we barely have any snow at all!

Today its back to super cold. Not sure if it is going to snow this weekend or not, and start the WHOLE thing over again!

If anything life in the NorthEast is Variable!
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