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Musings and Meanderings

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Looong Weekend......

In no particular order of happening or importance.

Went bowling with Alex.

Didn't go to NH, but promised that we would go the weekend of 2/7.

Did a bunch of fun stuff out of the WeBeLo's handbook so Alex will qualify for his "artist" pin.

Had a blow up with Liza, one of the bigger in our marriage. Made up the next day no worries.

Cleaned the Upstairs bathroom, not pretty trust me, its the "boy's" bathroom.

Read a TON of information: Economist, Atlantic Monthly, Couple of current events books.
(As a side note I'll be digesting and summarizing this week - my little gift to you readers)

In the you know when your team sucks dept: Read an interesting article in the Sunday New York Times of all places on Da' Raida's and how things fell apart last year.

Watched the Talking Heads shows on Sunday - Go Kerry! Go Edwards!

Didn't watch ANY Sports, a preview of the "dead zone" in my Sports life between the Super Bowl and Opening Day of Baseball - yea sorry Basketball and Hockey leave me cold.

Began making my way through Christopher Tolkein's "Lost Tales" Vol 1. Got the first five in paperback in a box set for Christmas with some gift card money (thanks Cathy!).

I'm sure I did more. Just can't remember!
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