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Monday, January 19, 2004

Odds and ends throughout the day

Sunday Bush Talking Heads

I always wonder if we all are living in the EXACT same dimension and reality. Is it possible that Washington DC is actually shifted slightly off the prime reality (Earth One we can call it)? According to the latest Bush mouthpiece on Stephanopolis' Sunday AM show yesterday the Job situation is improving!

Here are the facts from Earth One, Mr. Mouthpiece.

In December the economy created barely 1,000 new jobs, though something nearer 150,000 had been expected by experts.

In all, over the past five months, America has generated only 278,000 jobs in non-farm businesses, a typical figure for a single month during the glorious boom.

George Bush presides over 2.3m fewer jobs than when he came to office.

Most of the fall from 5.9% in November to a 14-month low of 5.7% was accounted for by people leaving the labor force.

The reality is colder though for the Dem's

The sad fact is that the American populace according to the major polls are fairly well satisfied with the way the "War on Terrorism" is going. Their dissatisfaction in the present Administration has more to do with the Economy.

Why is this sad for the gaggle of Dems running for President? Because the natural business cycle is going to rise up and bite them squarely in the arse. The Economy is finally rising in spite of the enormous debt laid on it by this Administration and will be fairly ticking along come Fall of this year.

So that will leave little things like Civil Rights, Supreme Court Packing, and this whole "tax cut and spend" concept to be the talking points of the Election.

Americans will Yawn cause "if it doesn't happen to me" its not important, and re-elect this serial bungler.


Return of the Return of the King

Friday Alex was off due to the cold. (Don't ask). So I picked him up from Cathy's and we went and saw the final installment of the Lord of the Rings again. It stands up well to a second showing, but if I were to recommend WHEN to go see it, I would say fresh as a matinee vs. tired after a long week. It really IS a long movie, and by the last half hour (945 to 10:15!) I was definitely ready for the movie to end.

I've thought a lot about the missing "scouring of the shire" bits and frankly, unless they had made RotK into TWO movies, I just don't see a place for it. To fans it is consequential, but to new movie goers, I don't see it as being that important.

Football Football Football!

With apologies to my nephew in South Shore MA, I have to say that in the end I was disappointed that Indianapolis lost yesterday. However I was happy to see Carolina make it to the big game.

So its New England vs Carolina in Houston in two weeks. NE is a 7 point favorite to start. Though I love the Carolina team (from ashes to the top in a year) I don't see them beating an experienced Super Bowl team like New England.
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