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Musings and Meanderings

Saturday, January 31, 2004

Odds and Ends to catch up.

1) My car is getting fixed on Monday, his insurance IS paying, and I get a rental car till its done.

2) Liza's birthday is Sunday. Email her at even if you have never met her.

3) I've been out selling the last three weeks, so I don't spend much time online at work anymore. Though I do miss being online I LOVE being out selling.

4) I've been .. get this.. READING.. Instead of being online at night at home. Imagine this. Instead of staring at a chat screen or playing a game or burning something I actually sit in a nice chair and engage my mind in learning and good escapist fantasy. I'm reading all at the same time: Sometime Never (the new 8th Dr. Book) The I hate Republicans Reader. The Economist, the Atlantic Monthly, The Sunday New York Times, Lost Tales Vol 1, and Censored 2004.

5) The accident threw my back out. So I went home early on Wednesday. Felt so much better on Friday night that I shoveled snow when I got home. Big mistake.

6) MW is coming to visit today and tomorrow for Liza's birthday. So we did the final clean this am. woo hoo. We are going to the Albany Pump Station for dinner. Liza is getting the presents from Alex and myself this evening instead of tomorrow. She does not know this.

7) SUE!! I need daycare Sunday night the 22nd! I am taking Liza to see Nancy Griffith and the Blue Moon Orchestra at the Egg (her birthday present). Pppplllleeeaaaassseeee?

8) Specifically Mom arrives sometime soon (it's 4pm and she is calling from Springfield via cell phone). Then she flys home to SF on Sunday at 4. If I lived in Paris she would stay longer but I don't think Albany is as fun. I jest of course, as she and Geoff came for Xmas a few years ago which was just great.

9) Rarely discussed musical excitement department. My friend "washac" is remastering low generation copies of the Wall shows from the 80's. I saw the closing night show by the way. I have all the LA shows on the way in the mail, and am very excited. A trader from Brazil is unearthing some rare Genesis recordings and has sent out two already, both of which are Soundboard quality and amazingly good. Exciting times in the trading business.

Well that is a wrap.

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