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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Visit from the 'rents

Gosh is that an "I love the 80's strikes back" word or what? The 'rents....

Anyway we had a lovely visit from D&K last night, they drove over from their new place in NH ostensibly to get their Kitchen table that they had so nicely lent us while they were overseas.

We also got to go out to dinner, which on a "boys night in" was a boon for me, not having to cook dinner. We all pigged out big time at Fresno's in Troy. We all had two appetizers, their chicken nachos and buffalo wings. THEN we had our dinners! K and Alex had burgers, big burgers, D had the catch of the day and I had their Santa Fe Chicken, which was very good.

Other than the terminally perky and loud wait person named "dani" I'd say it was a pretty good experience. This chain type restaurant set itself up in the vacated premises of a much loved Troy restaurant called Castaways. They used to serve the best Sunday Brunch Buffet! Fresno's had not done much interior redesigning, mainly just removing the "Hawaiian" theme of nets and such.


I would be remiss in not mentioning the caucus' last night. To everyone's surprise the second place finisher was my favorite candidate John Edwards! Dean came in third. So what does this mean?

Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

Personally I detest the primary system. The idea that two primarily white "northern" states could, in certain scenario's determine the future nominee of any party is absurd at best, criminal at the least. Not to mention that the whole caucus system resembles NOTHING that actually goes on in the real elections.

No I firmly believe that we should have a national primary or at the least four regional "super" primaries sometime in March or April. This makes these guys (and ladies) cover the whole country and not pander to a particular state.

Because what plays well in Iowa and NH may not play well in the South or the West, and if the Dem's cannot win in those states, then they are doomed to loose the upcoming election.

However having said all that I am absolutely delighted that the Dean Machine has shown to have warts. Nothing more revolting than the Press branding a party's nominee before the process even begins!!

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