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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Bit of a burning Day

Nay, not a hot day ye silly bugger. Usin' that thar burner in this here computer don't ya know.

First off was actually yesterday: I burned a three disc set of old Edison cylinder transcriptions that I got from a friend for Uncle Ed. I didn't actually say who they were from so it will be interesting to see if he susses it out WITHOUT HIS WIFE'S HELP.

Then I spent this am trying to figure out which of the six remastered LA Forum Pink Floyd: The Wall live recordings was the best. A friend from the UK is remastering every Wall show he can get his hands on. Turns out the best quality is the show I went to, the last day of the LA leg of the tour in 1980.

Then some odds and ends: The SEVA Foundation Benefit that the Dead did in December of this year. Two Lizard (Polish Prog) shows. The XM Radio show that Rick Wakeman did (which is side splitting funny as well as having great music). A Pendragon show. Probably some others I can't think of.

THEN the big event. Volume Four of the "Tangerine Tree". This is the seminal remastered collection of Tangerine Dream shows from the early 70's to the present. With the fourth "tree" being released we are up to 37 amazing shows over the four "trees". I have been painstakingly making sure I have each "tree" when they come out, but this time the people sponsoring the Remasters (in unofficial collaboration with band) put it up on a server so people could just download them.

So another day wasted doing burns? Nah. I'm reading all sorts of things while this happens. Finished last week's Economist. Did a bit of the Lost Tales Vol 1. And read some of a local history book on Chincoteague.

Alex gets to do the YMCA this week, and the adults have to work.

Can I turn in my keys and my mortgage payment and be a kid on Winter Break again? No? I didn't think so.
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