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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

A Day at LaSalle

As many of you family members know from phone discussion or reading earlier blogs, we have decided to send our son to a private school next year. After much debate and recommendations from family friends we chose LaSalle Institute.

This is a positive move for our son for the next three years, allowing him to be guided more closely than the public schools can understandably offer. At the end of 8th grade he will (if his grades are acceptable and we think he is disciplined enough) be offered the opportunity to attend the excellent public high school in our 'burgh.

So our son got to spend a day there Tuesday. Gosh he was so pumped and excited. He is even going to use the agenda (this is a date book cum assignment calendar that has become standard in schools today) he got from LaSalle. His attitude is better here at home, and he is paying more attention in school.

I have some concerns that this is a boys only school, but on the other hand they have tons of social events with the local girls school Emma Willard. Now I do pick up and deliver electronic equipment from Emma Willard under the guise of my job, and all I will say (in this politically correct world) is that Alex could do worse than dating a EW girl. Also since we both work late into the day, and cannot be there to watch over him in the "after school" hours, I am quite happy in the knowledge that he will be in a study hall with a bunch of boys, instead of walking the streets with the girls, or worse, experimenting with drugs, cigarettes or alcohol.
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