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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Just don't think they are not net savy

Have you seen the latest thinly disguised attack on Kerry by the right? It's one of those internet pieces that floats around that becomes "urban lore" if not nipped in the bud.

Now I got this piece from UR in France, so I'm not sure how prevalent it is in the US yet. But it is allegedly a piece written by a Vietnam War Vet named "Mike", who throws dirt on Kerry's war record by questioning just about every fact that exists.

Now there is a site that jwrites turned me onto called SNOPES, that investigates these types of things. The version of the e-Mail I got from UR had been passed around quite a bit, so I reformatted it and sent it along to them. The part I sent along is reproduced with my carriage returns, so I think it was from my submission.

Take some time to note the site, and what it says. When you get this dirty trick e-Mail from some poor unsuspecting soul make sure to reply that it is simply a smear job by the Right.

Here is the link: The Snopes Urban and Internet Legend site.

Here is the piece I am referring to: Were John Kerry's Vietnam War service medals earned under "fishy" circumstances?
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