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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Ok I had one other comment

And this one is really strictly for the men, and those who enjoy cultural commentary.

Last year after the SI Swimsuit issue came out, I read a column where the commentary was basically, at this point what do you do to top what they have done for 39 yrs? His answer was simply to have the models just naked with the swim suits draped on the beach next to them. I couldn't find one example to show you but the pic below is pretty close.

Well go get this year's edition because that is exactly what they have done on a few pics. I mean What Is The Point?

Is SI now just a girlie mag once a year, at least up until now there was some semblance of legitimacy, showing the bikini's being actually modeled. NOW they just lay them in a heap on the sand.

Frankly its very funny. Sad, titillating, but funny.

By the way that's my 2nd fave super model Marissa Miller. All of 24 yrs of age. Damn I'm getting old...

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