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Musings and Meanderings

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

So anyway......

I am blogging along by hitting the random blog button as I like to do every once and a while, just to see what others are saying.

I find one from Los Angeles and one of his/her links is In and Out Burgers. This is the amazingly fantastic burger joint I used to go to in college. Hell we all went to it. Mega pig out on fat and beef. Ah those were the days.

So I checked out the T-shirts. Cool. Maybe I'll get something to remember my bygone days. Then I see "locations".

What the hell I'll check it out, see which one I used to go to.

Well damn if they don't have a picture of it. Same as it used to always look! What a walk down memory lane.

Upland California, on Foothill Blvd just East of the Colleges.

Same leaden sky, same old building. It really brings back a rush of memories. I have VERY fond memories of my years in College, the camaraderie of a large group of people all within 4 yrs of age, all extremely intelligent, all with a bit too much money than they should responsibly have (I went to a "richie rich" school.)

And speaking of Memory Lane and College, I recently got a hold of a remastered copy of the Pink Floyd: The Wall show that I saw at the LA Arena (right off USC campus) Feb 13th 1980. Its amazing that I remember the in between bits so well that Roger said all those years ago.

Well enough reminiscing for one night. Back to beating on GWB tomorrow.

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