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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Valentines Day

Most people don't know that Feb 14 has extra special meaning for L and I.

It was basically our first date. So when one of Alex's friend's Mom called and asked if he could spend Saturday night over, well DUH!

So this old married couple celebrated that fateful date 17 yrs ago by spending some private time in the afternoon and then going out to our favorite Mexican Restaurant - Garcia's. We even have a favorite waiter named Sergei. He is from Belorussa and is the most attentive wait person we have had in ages. Liza gave hime a big kiss on the cheek for Valentines Day, which completely blew him away lol.

As we were sitting at the bar waiting for our Table the bartender blithely asks me how my company is doing by name. I just looked at him, and then down at myself wondering if I had some sign on saying who I worked for. But no, turns out the bartender was one of my co-worker's roomates! Small world.

Anyway it was a wonderful evening and I must say, 17 yrs just seems like yesterday.
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