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Sunday, February 29, 2004

The Weekend


the backstory
Earlier last week I downloaded the GURPS lite rules and innocently laid them in a binder next to where Alex hangs out in the living room. Well it took till Friday to notice them. What's this? Oh just something I printed up for you to look at. Oh.. and he disappears to his room.

Came back out and was stoked. GURPS is the Generic Universal Roleplaying System by Steve Jackson games. It puts all the other RP systems to shame, and is truly what it says. Over 200 "worldbooks" have been published to support this system so you can RP in any environment imaginable.

what I did
So I went looking for my full rule book and worldbooks on Thu night and couldn't find them. Therefore Saturday was dedicated to completely reaming the attic and reorganizing boxes. I pulled out the mirrors that came with the furniture from Denver, and mounted one of them. I threw away five trash bags of stuff. I put all of Alex's old toys in one place so they could to go Equinox house or the Good Will. And I pulled out all the book boxes and cleaned them up and reorganized them. Took most of the day.


We had Alex's Blue and Gold Dinner on Sunday. This is where he graduates to become a Boy Scout. And time for me to don my new uniform and become the Assistant Scoutmaster. I went to the BS store (oh "BS" .. he he this will be fun) Anyway I went to the scout store on Friday and got my full uniform, but put off till Sun morning putting the patches on. Well I got most of the patches on myself, but Liza got Sue to do the hem on my official pants. Thanks Sue!

The dinner was at the Marriott and it was pretty good food. The Cubmaster was his usual organized self, but the "moving over" ceremony was pretty cool. The first meeting as a Boy Scout is next Friday and hell they are even going to be camping at the end of March. Nothing like easing into this...

Yea I loved the Oscars. More on that later.
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